Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Underground Theatre

A proposal building on the ideas of flash mobbing, game play and interventions in public space:

A group of us enter a public space separately, pretending not to know the other members of the group. If it’s a tube carriage for example, we could get on at different stops / through different doors. A member of the group creates a scenario to which the others, still pretending to be unrelated members of the public, join in. A drama unfolds, we see the reactions of the ‘real’ passengers, and perhaps they join in, not realising that they are involved in a performance. The scenario could be as simple or elaborate as we want. We can then diffuse it however we choose, perhaps improvised on the spot or using a plan made beforehand.

It would be simple, cheap, quick to do, and fun!

Amy and I are planning to try it out next week – does anyone fancy joining us? I think it would work better in a bigger group. Maybe we could discuss ideas for possible scenarios on Thursday?

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vikki hill said...

I'm in, but dependant on which day you choose!