Sunday, 13 January 2008

Intimate spaces

I was also thinking about space as a point of departure for the lab project. After seeing Claudia's presentation, and thinking of the other's (including my own) I thought to propose en exploration of intimate spaces as theme for the project. I suppose I am inspired by Bachelard, who as you may know, wrote a great deal on the phenomenology of intimate space, of homes, cabinets, attics, nooks and corners, as well as on the relationship of inside/outside. But it is not a limited subject, intimacy is not reducible to a cosy home, it can be more of a psychological phenomena.

I would suggest that this could be explored in a short event, with a curatorial team/subgroup that organise an exhibition part and perhaps an other group that organise some talks on the subject, and a group that documents it (or maps it, whatever you want to call it.). Seems to me this would allow all our different interests to be satisfied.

With all theory making we are doing I am really hoping the lab project is an opportunity to bring in practical elements into the course. And my proposition of theme could also be a way of introducing some softness into the course, feeling sometimes the approach to things being rather clinical with all talk of "practicioners" and "practises".

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Marianne Mulvey said...

What you say about softness reminds me that I was really inspired by the artist who transformed a building with huge curtains that Celine Conderelli mentioned in her presentation. I like the idea of softening space and enclosing it... makeshift tents...etc.