Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Lost and Found Tracing

Moving along the with the idea of tracing, following, collecting, obsessing... I am proposing a treasure hunt of my own-one that we could all participate in.

Our mission would be to collect the lost (personal) items, which we find on our everyday journeys to work, school and/or to our daily activities (library, bookstore, cinema, theatre, etc..). Forms of transport can include: boat, walking, tram, train, tube, bus, taxi, bicycle, rickshaws, tour buses, car ferries....

These found personal items can include a number of things: ie, odd glove, letter, note, used/named envelopes, buttons, to do lists, pictures, train tickets, newspaper cutting, etc.

We can make our own ‘lost and found’ journey through London– by collecting items and then creating our own stories and narratives.

The overall aim would be to make a revised, malleable, interactive and very truthful Transport for London map – This visual map (much in the vein of my original serial killer map, but used in a much more inviting way :>) will be comprised of all of the lost items that we find on our numerous journeys through London!

At the same time we would also be entering into someone’s private space (unknowingly) within a public setting, and then creating a new private space...

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