Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Encounters With Nomads; A Playful artLIFE Interaction.

It seems that the concepts “spatiality”, “game-play” and “obsession” appear in every Lab session. Due to that I was thinking about establishing a series of transformational encounters that can be done the same day of the Lab group or can be extended to other days, moments. This encounters would be organised through games where both the audience and ourselves will be involved. Obsessive encounters in the sense that they are repeated every week; I am not sure if they have to follow the same pattern, structure. The idea is to leave traces playing with the space and the mobility (As Candas suggests in a Monopolian configuration). So bringing art into the everyday life through possible and different spaces –I personally like the idea of inhabiting public spaces and making the community that live around participative, surprise them and let them surprise us. Create an interactive and sharing atmosphere that blurs the limits of the performer. Dealing with the notion of participation and even more important the idea of how do you communicate art and with art.

In a world where the imagery is overwhelming and so easily forgettable what remains here is the experience felt, the quality of this experience rather than the imagery object itself. So the uniqueness and authenticity of the performance, since being ephemeral and unrepeatable, becomes the key to avoid the idea of visual accumulation and to underline the importance of the message existing behind this encounter. A message that will be in progress along the , lets call it, “performance”. A playing game that will break the bounders of observing Art with a capital letter from the outside and will enter inside it making it happen by means of the exchange of experiences. An endless process that could even go beyond the academic deadline.

Create an archive: pictures, interviews with people, filming the actual event… and may be do something with this archive… I do not know what exactly...

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