Sunday, 13 January 2008

140 166-311

140 166-311
Parkring Hotel, Vienna

In 2007 Oona Peyrer-Heimstätt and I organised an exhibition in Parkring Hotel, Vienna. Our prior idea was to simply buy a temporally limited space outside the accessible/inaccessible exhibition space, which museums galleries and art universities normally offer.

>Displayed in a hotel room our show would be accessible to everyone and we could occupy the space as long as we wanted (or at least as long as we could pay for the rooms). Plus we could easily check-in/out and leave everything carelessly behind at the end of the project. Similar to the intention of Lara and her group for the art fair in Bolzano (to show art works that would fit into a suitcase), we wanted to check-in and install our works not before the night of the opening.

>When we finally found a hotel, which would sponsor, cooperate and allow us to perform as we wished, the project became slightly over-ambitious. Finally we didn’t only unpack our works, but worked on location for quite a long time, doing site-specific works, which were closely related to the space/hotel itself. The exhibition lasted for 10 days. Each artwork was shown in a room of its own (rooms: 140, 166 and 311).

Visiting the exhibition one had to check-in at the reception desks to pick up the room keys. The visitor came across the works in the intimate atmosphere either of a suite, a double or a single room. Entering the rooms one felt equally invading the private sphere of an unknown person who had just left the room for a minute, or occupying one’s own hotel room (some visitors had a nap on the bed or took a shower). I won’t go into detail about the artworks now, but if anyone is interested in finding out more, I am happy to provide you with details.
Artists: Manora Auersperg, Veronika Hauer, Oona Peyrer-Heimstätt, Nora Landkammer, Katharina Rettelbach, Rudolf Steckholzer

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