Tuesday, 15 January 2008

From show and tell:exchange, interaction and food

From the formation of the lab group the elements, which continually emerge and seem to be fuelling the progression of the group are interaction and exchange. From this relationship the creation of new outwardly flows of information and connections are being formed and developed.

For myself the decision to merge the following meeting with the communal exchange of food seems the next natural stage. The coming together of a group of people to share a meal has always been an important, fruitful and intimate space to create discourse. The communal exchange of a meal from my own experiance has always acted as a spring broad for discussions. This is heighten within the intimate enviroment of the home, as we will experience at the following meeting. A quote which i have pulled out from a food magazine was a starting piont for the following proposal,

'I have open-house day on sundays, i make pancakes and my friends and family arrive with their own fillings. Then we all pig out'

I don't have a soild outline, more a fondation of an idea. I've always liked the saying, ' bringing the ideas to the table'

Idea: Recipe archive

To arrange a seires of gathering, where we make or bring food for a meal. Each person will bring a contribution. The recipe archive itself will be more than just containing granny's secret recipe. It should be viewed more along the lines of a living archive, an important part of the gatherings, rather than a documentation of past events. It should be created during the events.

elements of the archive; drawing, recordings, recipe's, photos, records of the dicussions, guest lists, music are just some of the components I have thought about.

This idea is far from a concrete concept. I hope to have outlined a starting point which i hope will stir some interest

A book which i enjoy and seems relevent to many blogs, 'The poetics of space' Gaston Bachelard

Also i wanted to add the link to the exhibition space i am a part of and which i talked about last week ( truck art) www.truckart.org

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