Tuesday, 15 January 2008

How Do We Occupy Space?

I have been thinking about space (as this seems to be a common interest within the group). Primarily, personal and intimate spaces as were discussed by Claudia and Joakim. Initially all I could think about was Richard Billingham’s photographs of his personal space within his family home. However when considering how the notion of personal spaces could be conveyed within our project, I was thinking about creating a collaborative art work and moving away from traditional photographic documentary works.

Creating an art work as a final project after all the theory that has been discussed through the course I thought might bring a nice change. Obviously I am aware that many people in the group are interested in different ways of working. However, I think creating a collaborative art work based on the notion of how we occupy personal spaces as well as producing a guide to the work would suit those interested in theory as well as those interested in practice.

Considering further ideas of the way in which personal spaces are occupied I have been drawn to, shoes! Shoes are very personal, we generally choose them ourselves and when seeing a pair of shoes often their owner can be identified. Shoes are always found in our personal spaces, whether that is a bedroom in a family home, a hotel room, a flat or a house. When visiting friends or family we often leave our shoes by the front door but always claim the right pair when leaving. If we gathered in a large hall with 100 people and were all asked to remove our shoes and they were all moved around, the majority of people would be able to reunite themselves with their shoes. It might seem a strange starting point but when thinking about the words personal and space, shoes seemed to tie in nicely. I had in mind a kind of delicate Annette Messager style art work with shoes in a large space.

I think a lab project which considers the notion of how we occupy our personal spaces could be very interesting. I also think presenting our project in the form of an art work as well as an accompanying guide or programme would be beneficial as it would suit the majority of peoples interests.


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