Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Neon Networks

The stringed installation is an expression of the ability of a single composition to invoke a variety of different imaginative experiences in the viewer.

A series of composite cotton threads is strung between the walls of a room in a predetermined geometric arrangement. Each string is composed of a central length of green thread, to either end of which is tied a length of black thread, which in turn is attached to a wall. When viewed in darkness with ultraviolet monoculars, the black threads become invisible and the green threads glow; hence giving the impression of a geometrical arrangement hovering in the centre of the room. The arrangement of the strings is calculated so that the viewer experiences a curved plane in space, but as it is composed entirely of taut strings, the curve and the plane are both constructed in our imagination. That the composition is visually very different when viewed from different parts of the room demonstrates a variety of Wittgensteinian "aspects" forming the basis of a different imaginative experience in each case.

Viewing the installation with the accompanying ultraviolet monoculars prevents parallax error, and means that the composition is never visible as a totality. The viewer sees only what he or she illuminates, and the very fact that the viewer has an active role in the experience acts as a metaphor for our imaginative involvement with works of art and architecture.

Spatial practice - obsession - imagination.



Long Exposure #1

Long Exposure #2

UV Monoculars

CAD Model

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