Friday, 14 December 2007



amy said...

amy said...

Jeff began as a joke, and as it turned out something that enabled me to get to know my flatmate whom i had just moved in with and didnt know very well. A mutual love of meat bears and street art (a term i dont really like but im not sure what else to call it) developed. We clothed Jeff and pasted him out on to the streets in the berlin neighbourhood where we lived.

Thinking about it now, it combined two things stereotypical to Berlin - sausage and bears. Im sure you could put all sorts of meaning on it but we didnt think of it like that. it was a vehicle for me to start doing art work again and also to look closer at street art - something which my flatmate was already involved in. Most of all it was a laugh. Playing and joking around. It was never meant to become anything that I'd eventually present to a group, to be honest we did not really think about what it would become. The documentation was something that developed naturally later on.