Monday, 4 February 2008

Subjective projections on the imagined-to-be societ

image: Dan Perjovschi
As tomorrow we are gathering to share our thoughts and ideas on the status quo of today and reflect upon our expectations of what to take place, I want to mention some lines of thought where we could base our debate on. These lines of thought can also be taken as triggering effects.
To be a proper member of a social group or community, one is asked to fullfill demands that have been traditionally or ritually accepted or expected. The forming of consent will be a far back discussion of how we got to form societies but maybe an interesting one to base our thinking. Despite the consent is an actualisation of (re)defining the freedom of act and speech as well as primordially defined status of social grounds.
Today, in London everything is mostly purchased in transparent bags and mobile phones can function as a transmitter in (defined) necessary conditions. Throughout all these and more to be added aspects, would be interesting to discuss the fragile circumstances or semi-virtual hints on subjectivities. Where does a correspondance or interaction take place? Where does the (re) / (over) locating of segragation stand? What is at stake with suspense and the suspect? Where is the thin line between a member and an enemy.
What kind of society to live in? Which are your demands and wishes to come true? Do you imagine such a society. Where do you wanna live, why do you think there would be better place to do so? How open do you want to be and how open can you be?
I subjectively do not believe in the duality of subject and society. Both shapes each other and influences each other and everything is dependant on experience. What kind of experiences do you foresee for everyone?

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